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Has a team ever scored twice without the opposition touching the ball?

“My name is Aris Moro and I’ve a question,” starts Aris Moro, with a question. “When I was younger, my football coach asked me if it were possible for a team to score two back-to-back goals with no opponent touching the ball in between. In Fifa ’05 it was not possible, and that’s the reason why younger said ‘no’. Then he continued to describe to younger that one team can score a goal right together with the referee blowing his whistle right after the goal was scored before halftime, then begin from kick off and score. It sometimes happens afterward. But has it ever occurred?”

It’s truly as several readers have e-mailed to point out. Let us head back to 23 September 2000. The Tamagotchi craze was over, the Sydney Olympics were in full swing, French Euro pop duet Modjo (Hear Me Tonight), and Peterborough United were welcomed by Wycombe Wanderers for a mid-table Division Two battle to Adams Park.

The first 45 minutes was pretty uneventful, but Jun Cullen brought back on the boundary of the area Wycombe’s Steve Brown. Upward stepped Jamie Bates, who crashed the free kick in the Peterborough goal through the wall and previous Mark Tyler. Referee John Brandwood immediatel blew his whistle before Posh had opportunity to restart. Halftime, 1-0 to the Wanderers.adams park

Following the period 23-year old Jermaine McSporran headed right for the Peterborough goal and kicked off for the house side. The defenders, caught napping, allow the striker through on goal and he calmly slotted past Tyler to double the edge. Two goals divided by nine seconds and with no resistance touching the ball.

Wycombe would go on to conclude 13th but the season proved to be a memorable one: it was they reached the FA Cup semifinals under Lawrie Sanchez. It’s possible for you to also read more about that effort in this bit to both Unfortunates site and there is a longer match report on the Peterborough game here.


“Upon musing at the tendency of football managers having their initials on their coats or tracksuit tops, I wondered if any manager was replaced with another who has identical initials, so saving the cost of new matchday attire?” pondered thrifty Ed Ginzler last week.

There have been. Gareth Southgate, for instance, was replaced by Gordon Strachan at Middlesbrough, though as Pete Scarborough points out: “I am unsure if Gareth’s coat would have fit small Gordon, though.” And as Tom Pringle includes: “It was a little fictitious market in the kit initials though, as Strachan carried on to spend every penny in the piggy bank on dross before being fired himself a year later.”

That does appear to be a motif – the savings on matchday clothing initials appear to be often offset by spending (general failure or) elsewhere. “Wolves did just this in March 1994, replacing popular but small stalwart Graham Turner (two promotions on a shoestring, Steve Bull, Sherpa Van Trophy) with Graham Taylor (stagnation, attempted to sell Steve Bull, Turnip),” writes Phil Russell. “Although given the transport budget squandered on the likes of Tony Daley, Mark Atkins, Steve Sedgeley etc Steve can not envision price economies were high on the program when he was made.”

Australian cricket players

Cricket Australia hopes for swift resolution to West Indies crisis

Australian cricket players
Cricket Australia is budgeting on the West Indies’ pay kerfuffle being concluded for the Caribbean team to tour Australia as intended.

The cricketing world shocked when they walked out because of a long-running dispute on their tour of India.

The organization’s board, squad, and players union lately gathered for additional discussions in Jamaica.

The damage has been important, together with the sport’s most effective country freezing all future tours to the Caribbean and threatening legal action.

Cricket Australia chairman Wally Edwards and chief executive James Sutherland were unwilling to comment, saying they’ll know more after next week’s ICC meetings in Dubai.

But Edwards called for calm amid concerns about their spot at next year’s World Cup as well as the future of the West Indies, to be co-hosted by New Zealand and Australia.

“Edwards do not consider it (West Indies) will be lost. I can not picture that,” Edwards told reporters after Cricket Australia’s ago.

“They have had disputes before. They have had continuing rumblings there for quite some time. ” Edwards feel confident they’ll get concluded. Their president Dave Cameron is a competent man and also a bright man.

“But I do not understand what is caused the precise walkout. Reporters were playing along fairly happily.”

Sutherland said he was not uncomfortable with the timeframe before the World Cup wouldn’t seek any guarantees in Dubai and begins in February.

However, Sutherland declared he was “surprised and shocked” by the events that unfolded in India.

“You have got to wonder how it can get to that,” Sutherland said. “There was a little wavering there, where it seemed at one stage that it was sorted and then all of a sudden it was not.

“But we do not understand the ins and outs. We’ll, hopefully, understand a little more next week.”

tennis player

Andy Murray plays for sixth straight week in hope of better 2015 seeding

tennis player
A resurgent Andy Murray will play for a sixth straight week when he competes at the Paris Masters in a bid develop a better draw at the 2015 majors and to end the season in the very best four.

Murray has played 20 matches in 5 weeks, winning three titles to scale to fifth in the ATP rankings. He’s also trying to qualify for next month’s World Tour Finals in London.

Murray said: “Murray constantly liked to qualify for it but also I would like to get back in the top eight players on the planet and it makes a tremendous difference for seedings in the important occasions. Murray still have a possibility of getting perhaps to four between now and also the ending of the year.”

Murray starts in Paris against Julien Benneteau on Wednesday having received a bye into the next round. Benneteau advanced by conquering Lu Yen-hsun 6-3, 6-4.

“It’s been a long few weeks but it is been really valuable for me,” Murray said. “We acquired lots of confidence in my body again from playing this many matches and then additionally from winning lots of rough, long, close matches, particularly in the finals, match points down.”

Murray saved five match points against Tommy Robredo in a gruelling three-setter last weekend in the Valencia Open final.

“I’ve consistently felt when physically I feel powerful, that it improves how I feel emotionally.”

The defending champ in Paris, Novak Djokovic, remained on course to end the season as No1 by conquering Philipp Kohlschreiber 6-3, 6-4 in the next round in the first match of the Serbian since the arrival of his kid.

Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson hits out at Tom Watson captaincy after Ryder Cup defeat

Phil Mickelson
Europe kept the Ryder Cup on Sunday in complete way with their captain Paul McGinley emphasising the pride they’d given to players and supporters equally but that was in stark contract to the reaction in America camp by descending towards open war, which responded to a significant loss.

Europe prevailed to 111/2 by 161/2 but greatly implied criticism of the US captain Tom Watson by Phil Mickelson overshadowed that.

Mickelson had upset by leaving Keegan Bradley and the five times major winner outside of both Saturday sessions, a feeling -event media interviews. Mickelson bemoaned the change from the captaincy policies of Paul Azinger, who led the US to success at Valhalla in 2008.

“We had an excellent formula in ’08. I do not understand why we wandered,” Mickelson said. “Mickelson do not understand why we do not go back. What Zinger did was amazing.” In in front of Watson and a rather amazing landscape, he enlarged on that point. “There were two things that enable us to play our best in front of Watson believe that Paul Azinger did, and one was he got everybody invested in the method. Paul got everybody in who they were planning to play with, who the picks were going to be invested, who was going to be in their [practice session] pod, when they’d play, and they had a great leader for every pod.

“In my situation, we’d Ray Floyd, and we hung out together and we were all invested in each other’s play. We were invested in deciding at Hunter Mahan that week; myself and Anthony Kim and Justin Leonard were in a pod, on having Hunter be our man to fill our pod, and we were involved. So we were invested in the method.

“The other thing that Paul did extremely well was he had an excellent game plan for us, you know, how we were going to go about doing this. We were going to start playing collectively; golf ball, format, what we were going to do, if so and so is playing nicely, if so and so isn’t playing nicely, we had a game plan that is actual. Those two things helped us bring out our finest golf.

“We all do the best that we can and we are all trying our hardest and I am only looking back at what gave us the most success. Because we use the exact same procedure in the Presidents Cup and we do extremely nicely. Sadly, we’ve wandered from a winning formula in 2008 for the last three Ryder Cups, and we must think about possibly getting back to that formula that helped us play our best.”