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Japanese beauty queen barred from ceremony

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A Japanese beauty queen said she were been banned from the service where she was at hand over her top to some successor after she refused to signal having a major talent agency.

Success of last-year’s Miss Worldwide competition, Ikumi Yoshimatsu, has submitted a criminal complaint against a high company government alleging obstruction of violence, harassment, company, and extortion. She charged of threatening her life after she created her own management company in the place of use his the government.

A teary eyed Yoshimatsu told reporters that vendors and investors had threatened and she was banned from Tuesday’s service in Tokyo.

Standard in the International Culture Association, Eiichi Masunaga, the owner of a beauty contest, established they won’t let her look simply because they do not need press coverage of the debate to surpass the function.

“We Have asked her to avoid the function,” said Masunaga.

Talent agencies have a large impact within the entertainment company in Japan and business experts say it’s typical for anybody who rebels threatened and from the program to become bullied.

Genichi Taniguchi, the government, said he keeps no grudges against her and declined doing something to Yoshimatsu.

He explained in a telephone interview he was unaware of the charges against him.

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