The Third Eye Chakra: Ajna – The Sixth Chakra in The Body

The sixth chakra, specifically the third eye chakra called Ajna in Sanskrit, is located between both brows, that gives the lips and also the eyes their first shrinkage, distorting the positioning of the jaws and thus, generating all the vision issues.

The human types has been enhanced with the power to smile, which nothing else animal has.

The advancement has actually not yet been total.

The human race has not yet based on its 2’s effectively.

The advancement is still going on!

But this time around, it’s not just an automatic biological evolution that occurs on its own; like in the case of pets it does.

Rather the instrument of evolution is gray matter now, that the human species obtained gifted with when it depended on its two’s.

We have not yet fully depended on our 2’s. We still need to!

Just how?

Look at the developmental phases of the human advancement.

Together with the passage of various chronological stages during advancement, human types has actually taken place getting straighter and also straighter in every next stage of it.

We paid the rate of getting both greater chakras partly opened with obtaining our five pet chakras partly closed when we came on our 2’s.

We have to complete this development now by opening all our 7 chakras in one solitary select the help of the smarts that only this evolution has enhanced us with!

All independently! Individually!

It’s because the aware smarts is going to do it, and not the subconscious biology, this time around!

And then no problems of eye vision, wellness in the body and health in the mind will certainly be there anymore!

This new development will instead be a transformation than a simple automatic biological development!

Currently we have gotten to such a stage of evolution simply because of being on our 2’s that if we open our 5 animal chakras fully, the two higher chakras, particularly Ajna (the third eye chakra) and also Sahasrara (the crown chakra) open on their own!

Not even this much is required. If we open just any type of one chakra completely, the rest all six consisting of Ajna (the pineal eye chakra) obtain opened on their own!

Now, contrast this description of Ajna (the third eye chakra) with my individual experience of opening it while working with a girl whose upper chakras consisting of Anahata, Vishuddha and also Ajna were impacted greater than her reduced ones, i.e., Muladhara, Svadhisthana, and also Manipura. The following were the scenes where we had actually left last two times while dealing with her Anahata and Vishuddha.

The first session had actually ended like:

I asked her to preserve this posture for a pair days prior to we might continue additionally with our intervention of the body in the events of mind.

She came back with the grievance that she was feeling she had partly gone undressed while preserving her shoulders open.

” Anahata does this to us. Vishuddha will do it a lot more. Are you prepared for the next action?” – I asked her.

She stopped briefly for a few seconds.

During her pause, she was preserving her shoulders large open; which offered her bust a lovely body-lift though it was still a partial one.

She was looking directly right into my eyes.

She took care not to let her shoulders go pressed again.

And then she claimed – “Yes, I prepare.”

From Anahata we were to visit Vishuddha next.

The second session had actually ended like:

She had actually centered on her HARA – some 2 inches below her naval.

Her body was looking like a sculpture of appeal personified through Venus herself!

” Are you all set for going to the next step from here, that opening up Vishuddha has brought you in?” – I asked.

She did not take any time this time around.

” Yes, I prepare.” – immediate came her reply.

From Vishuddha we were to head to opening Ajna (the pineal eye) next.

The current session went like this:

Now, this moment I asked her to pay her focus on her feet.

She did.

” Where on the sole of your feet are you sensing your weight to be relaxing?” – I asked her.

She can not address quickly.

I asked her to return to her old habitual posture, which she did.

” Where on the sole of your feet are you noticing your weight to be relaxing currently?” – I once more asked her.

” On the outer edges!” – she sensed it this moment.

” Come near the new position once more and also tell me now!” – I had a feeling of seriousness and also immediacy in my voice.

It functioned, as well as she can right away sense the difference.

” It’s the inner sides now, more toward the big toe!” – screaming, she said loudly.

” Simply examine, what your jaws depend on!” – I had the same urgency in my voice.

She once again appeared confused.

I once more asked her to go back to her old regular pose, which she right away did.

” Check your jaws now, in regards to their placement with each other.” – I provided her the direction.

” Yeah, the reduced jaw is resting behind the top one, up … under it.” – she offered words to the dental geometry.

” Come near the brand-new pose once more and inform me currently!” – I once more had a sense of necessity and immediacy in my voice.

She did, and also quickly told the difference, “The reduced jaw has come forward as well as down; or I could also state, the top jaw has gone backwards as well as up a little. It’s putting in a pressure on my jaws.”

“Just what is this pressure feeling like?” – I was eagerly waiting for her solution.

Like power! Energy entering my denture and thence to my eyes!” – she exclaimed with a wonderful pleasure peeping out of her eyes.

Her eyes were talking E-N-E-R-G-Y!

Her eyes were oozing E-N-E-R-G-Y!

“This is what Ajna (the pineal eye chakra) opening is. From Ajna we need going on to Sahasrara (the crown chakra) that is the king of them all! Are you all set for your journey better?” – I explored her objective and her preparedness to exceed Ajna (the pineal eye chakra).

“Of course!” – prompt was her reply this time around.

From Ajna, we were to carry on to Sahasrara (the crown chakra) following!

Does this tale not give the specific description of Ajna (the pineal eye chakra) in an extra everyday language?

Ajna (the pineal eye chakra) gets opened up simply if we depend on our 2’s appropriately!

Opening Ajna (the pineal eye chakra) involves downfall the unconscious habit of treating our advancement as biological just – though it has currently stopped functioning naturally when it comes to human varieties, as well as the noodle has taken over considering that long back – and hence taking the fee in our very own hands.

Vision therapy not only opens up Ajna (the third eye chakra) but all the 7 chakras via an extremely refined on-off switch in the body in one solitary go, since they are all connected anatomically in addition to physiologically in the human species.

– I asked her.

– she exclaimed with a great joy peeping out of her eyes.

“This is exactly what Ajna (the 3rd eye chakra) opening is. From Ajna we require moving on to Sahasrara (the crown chakra) that is the king of them all! – I inquired into her intent and her preparedness to go past Ajna (the third eye chakra).

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